ROUND TABLE What Is a Cultural Landscape?

Amics de Punta Nati (Friends of Punta Nati) organised a round table called “What Is a Cultural Landscape?” on 21 November 2019.

We had the privilege of bringing together three specialists from Spain’s and Europe’s most relevant organisations in the field of cultural heritage and landscape: Bárbara Cordero, general coordinator of Hispania Nostra and Lista Roja; Esther Valdés, vice-president of the Spanish Landscape Painters’ Association; and José Alonso, a member of ICOMOS Spain’s Scientific Committee.

Not only did they argue for Punta Nati’s high quality as a cultural and heritage landscape, but they also described the perplexity of the situation, the creation of a 115 Ha solar park on the verge of being built. They appealed both to the government and to civil society to defend these values and demand new measures for Punta Nati’s preservation for present and future knowledge.

Carmela Sánchez, president, Amics de Punta Nati.

Bárbara Cordero, coordinator, Lista Roja; general coordinator, Hispania Nostra Association.

Esther Valdés, vice-president, Spanish Landscape Painters’ Association and member, Lista Roja Commission.

José A. Alonso, member, ICOMOS-Spain
and of Europa Nostra Scientific Council.

Anna M. Bagur, Fundació Lithica

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