Author: Gemma Andreu / Diari Menorca


The threat hovering over this Cultural Landscape is the construction of a 116 Ha solar park, which will cover this emblematic landscape with over 200,000 solar panels. There is an earlier, 15 Ha solar park in the area (polygon 1), which is being enlarged with a project for 104 Ha, construction of which is scheduled for 2020.

Thanks to the voice of alarm raised and actions to inform by Amics de Punta Nati, jointly with the SHA Martí i Bella, and Fundació Lithica, civil society has pressured the government and won certain modifications to the initial project – eliminating polygon 2, which measures 62 Ha. However, Amics de Punta Nati’s ideal proposal is reduction of the project to polygon 4, thereby preserving the rest of the territory under the declaration of a National Site of Cultural Interest and raising its value as a Cultural Landscape.

During the process and thanks to the pressure of Amics de Punta Nati, the size of the park has been reduced.


Light green represents the Friends of Punta Nati’s proposal for a National Site of Cultural Interest (NSCI)

The red and blue dots represent the large number of archaeological and cultural monuments that will be buried by the solar park.

Areas 2, 3 and 4 show the total surface area of the solar park. Most of the cabins and bridges will be irreversibly covered over.